Dinosaur Activities During COVID-19

Are you fretting over what activities you can do with your school-aged child during the COVID-19 lockdown? This is definitely a challenging time for parents. For many of you, it might feel like you have been thrown into the deep end and you might be racking your brains for different (and interesting!) activities. With so many families continuing with their online-learning at home, it's good to have a few extra ideas and resources up our sleeves.

If your toddler or child is obsessed with dinosaurs, you can use his or her passion to encourage some creative learning while they are having a lot of fun! By using a dinosaur-theme as a foundation for their learning, you will be making the experience more interesting and more-likely that your child will want to participate. This is because you are already catering to their interest.

So here are 5 dinosaur activities that are fun and will help your kids to learn at home.

  • Reenacting the history of planet earth by using dinosaur figurines with hand-made sets. You could use paints, cardboard, paper, and anything else to create your scene. Discuss the history of evolution while you are making it. What a great science project!

Dinosaur Habit Box

Credit: LittleFishBlog

  • Would your child like to make a miniature dinosaur terrarium? You could use an old aquarium and fill it with dirt. Then let your child use their imagination (and their favorite dinosaur figurines!) to create a dino-habitat. They can collect grass, leaves, branches, or anything else they can find in the garden. What a creative way to keep them busy for an hour!

Crafty Lumberjacks

Credit: Crafty Lumberjacks

  • Your child could make their very own book about dinosaurs! It could be a creative story or it could be a research project. If they are old enough, encourage them to do the research themselves. They could write a profile for all their favorite dinosaur species and draw their very own illustrations. You can discuss with them the different characteristics of each dinosaur. Your child will have fun while they practice their writing skills.

  • See how many different species of dinosaur your child can think of and write them down.
    To make it more of a challenge, set a goal, and see how many dinosaur names your child can come up with for each different letter of the alphabet.

Mr. Linnet's Class Blog

Credit: Mr. Linnet's Class Blog

  • There are loads of fantastic free coloring pages on the internet of dinosaurs. Print a different one each day. When your child has finished coloring their dinosaur, stick it up on the wall in their bedroom. A great way to bring some color and even more dinosaurs into their room. (P.S: Keep in eye out in your email...)

    These are just a few ideas to get you started. Remember, if you focus on your child's passion for dinosaurs and engage their imagination, you can encourage activities that are both fun AND educational. It will make learning at home so much more enjoyable and stress-free for everyone.

    We love to support and encourage your child's love of dinosaurs and we hope you will try out some of our activity ideas to help you during your learning at home journey.

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